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 Official Membership Rules

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PostSubject: Official Membership Rules   Fri May 02, 2008 6:31 pm

The rules for becoming a member of the scooter gang are as follows:

1.Must have own (non-electric) scooter.
2.Hideout will not be revealed until majority votes they can be trusted.
3.Must live in neighborhood/general area.
5.Everyone must contribute.
6.Members other than the original 5 (Cameron, Drew, Christian, Tommy, and Eric) cannot vote for new members.
7.If you miss 3 out of 5 continuous meetings and are not of the original five, you are kicked out of the scooter gang. (The original 5 still have to show up for meetings.)
8.You can re-appeal to the original 5 to be put back in, but you will need all 5 to vote "yes" to let you back in.

This will be updated as we think of more rules. Don't post suggestions for new rules on this website. We will discuss them in school and I will be responsible for adding them here.
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Official Membership Rules
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